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每顆晶石獨一無二的外形紋理以及神秘力量的傳說都使它成為古今搜羅珍藏的對象,以它製成各種裝飾品或護身物。它可以是以精功雕琢的耀眼晶鑽, 也可以是日常配襯衣飾的晶石首飾,但都永不過時,而且可遇不可求,只跟有緣人遇上。 本店出售的晶石擺設及首飾,都是從各地搜羅的真品。希望對晶石有興趣的人都能以合理價錢購得心頭好。 各項查詢歡迎電郵 [email protected] 與我們聯络。 whatsapp (852)96818431 Crystals and gemstones have been highly cherished as decorations and talismans since ancient times for their unique appearance and legends of the mystic power. May it be carefully carved into a dazzling gem or applied on basic accessories for daily outfit matching, crystal and gemstones are never out of date. It is like a destiny for one to find and own any particular piece of crystal. Our shop carries genuine crystal and gemstone decorations and accessories collected from all over the world. We hope that anyone fond of crystals and semi-precious gemstones can find a favorite piece here at a reasonable price. Feel free to contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by whatsapp (852)96818431